If you ever have dreamt of off-piste skiing, in a totally uninhabited environment, where noone is there but you, then Bakhmaro is the destination, where you can make your dream come true.

The hollow, at 2050 meters above sea level, surrounded by high mountains is a unique resort.

High mountains adjoin Bakhmaro to the three sides, while the Western side seems to have opened, from where the Black Sea soft breeze blows and fuses with the mointain weather forming the special type of climate there. The combination of mountain and sea air causes especially large snowfall accumulation in Bakhmaro. The winter season lasts for about 4 months and the snow cover reaches up to 3 meters there.  

Even the snow of Bakhmaro is unique - the friable and best snow to ski on will make you feel like none of the other European resorts.

Bakhmaro is surrounded by centennial pine and fir-tree forests, sunrise mountain to the East and the sunset mountain to the West, both with slant and spectacular slopes.That's why Bakhmaro is a paradise for free-ride and ski-tour lovers. The main advantage of the destination is that you can ski there in any kind of weather. The landscape allows you to do so. In this kind of weather, we ski in the forest, where the snow is perfect and types of relief are easy to differ. Neither fog, nor snowfall, or even bad weather can spoil your mood. Skiing in the unique snow cover gets more pleasant every day.

You can’t find a ski lift in Bakhmaro. Everything here looks like the first time shepherds found it out with its beauty and climate and decided to turn its uniqueness into a resort. Wooden colourful cottages scattered like mushrooms in a small area would make you feel like traveling in a fairy tale. Neither contemporary infrastructure, nor technical equipments can be found here. You can only contact with the civilization with snowcats or ski-doo.

And we offer even more - heliskiing that involves a 5-seat helicopter. So we fly where we can't ride on a snowcat and our capabilities become limitless. We ski down that kind of mountains where nobody has skied ever before. Differing from other regions, our advantage is that in bad weather conditions, we can replace heli skiing with cat skiing, while ride on helicopter in good weather conditions. This is exactly why we offer mixed tours - heli ski with cat ski tours.

While skiing down the mountain, you feel yourself like in a fairy tale. The unique landscape allows you to take a glance at the Black Sea beach in front and little farther - all the beautiful peaks of the whole Caucasus mountain range that are Ushba, Elbrus, Shkhara, Tetnuldi, Dikhtau, Constantau, Mkinvartsveri, Tebulo and others.

Everything here is in a natural state and untouched there. Bakhmaro is accessible only for those people who are able of off-piste skiing. If you are a professional skier, lover of nature and advantures, skiing on desolate mountains does not scare you, then Bakhmaro promises you  unforgettable ski-tours. Since that you'll be looking forward to spending another winter in Bakhmaro again. 

And that's not all. In the tiny settlement where nobody's there but you, we'll ensure especially comfortable environment for you. After pleasantly fatiguing skiing you'll be able to enjoy sauna, Georgian wine, beer Georgian traditional food etc.