About us

      We represent a mountain guide group; each of our members has annual contact with lots of tourists from various countries.

We exactly know what is or isn’t desirable for our tourists, accordingly we do our best so that they could receive the maximum. We work without intermediaries, discuss all the issues and all details with our tourists personally. We plan every tour with them and we participate in the tours as guides.

The privilege of tours, planned by our group, is its high quality and cheaper prices compared with all other companies or agencies; the reason is simple: we don’t have any need to hire any transport and appliances or different guides per each new group, don’t have to search for new contacts through regions and cities, as we have our own long-term business-relations. We are oriented on tours which you offer and will offer in future, as our concept is people doing the job they are the best in.

Important consideration is communication, which is necessary for planning the tour. We work without any help from outside. To communicate with us you can directly contact our active mountaineers and guides.

We, Shota Komakhidze and George Nonikashvili, are the founders of the company and are also active GMGA guides and we organize all the expeditions, plan and give our guests all the detailed information which is necessary to climb the mountain successfully. All the tours and routes that we plan for you, we have already travelled many times. This is why it is safe to climb the mountain with us. We, as the organization and guides, take full responsibility for the quality of our service and the proficiency of our guides. Because of this, our tours have greater than 90% success rate in reaching the peak or completing the goal of the expedition. The unsuccessful 10% is due to acclimatization issues or simply bad weather.


We like our job and we are highly-skilled professionals; we can easily state this on the basis of our long experience.