Svanetian mountains

Tour Duration: 9 Days

Location: Georgia, Svaneti region

Difficulty level:

For: Amateur Hikers

Equipment Hire
  • Gas stove Gas stove : Per person per day 2 Euro
  • Sleeping bag Sleeping bag : Per person per day 4 Euro
  • Gas 250 ml (for selling) Gas 250 ml (for selling) : Per person per day 8 Euro
  • Gas 500 ml (for sell) Gas 500 ml (for sell) : Per person per day 15 Euro
  • Trekking poles Trekking poles : Per person per day 3 Euro
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Upper Svaneti is one of the most beautiful high mountainous regions of Georgia, distinguished by unique nature, architecture and local traditions. Here, we see snowcapped Caucasus peaks, erected one by one, like Tetnuldi, Shkhara, Ushba, etc. Ushguli community is exceptionally beautiful settlement, located at 2100 meters above the sea level. Cultural and geographical sights of the region includes: Svaneti ethnographical museum, displaying ancient exhibits, Shdugra waterfall, Koruldi lakes, chalaadi glacier, Lamaria church, etc. Tourist season starts June 15 and lasts until the end of September. The length of route amounts 82 kilometers.




Day 1 – meet at Kutaisi international airport; departure to upper Svaneti - village Mazeri; accommodation in a hotel 
Tour details: 
- Total way by minivan – 200km (3.30 hours) 
Note: We can meet with you and start tour also from Tbilisi and Batumi international Airport 

Day 2 – After  breakfast , group of tourists will meet the guide and his/her assistant. After the examination of hiking equipment, the group will start hiking and will see marvelous views of Ushba peak and Shdugra waterfall. In the evening you will get back to the village Mazeri, where you will be able to relax and taste delicious Georgian dishes. You will overnight in village Mazeri. 
Tour details: 
- Trekking – 12km (1 hour)
- Total altitude difference – 1600-2000m 

Day 3 – Breakfast (08:00-09:00)
After Breakfast we will travel to Mestia, we will visit temples of Latali and Lenjeri, museum of Mestia,Chalaadi glacier. In the evening, during supper, we will be able to taste traditional Svanetian dishes. Overnight in Mestia in Guest house .

Tour details:
- The way by minivan – 40km (1 hour)
- Trekking – 7km (2-3 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 1600m-2020m 

Day 4 - Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
This day you will see wonderful Koruldi lakes and picturesque Zuruldi Mountain. You will get to the mountain by the cable car, from where you will have an astonishing panoramic view of Svanetian Caucasus. Supper and relaxation in the evening. Overnight in Mestia. 

Tour details:
- Trekking – 13km (5-6 hours)
- The way by minivan – 25km (1-1.30 hour)
- Total altitude difference – 2100m-2745m 

Day 5 - Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
After the breakfast, you will begin the path, from the town of Mestia towards Mulakhi community and visit its beautiful villages. In the evening you will have supper and relax. Overnight in the village of Zhabeshi.

Tour details:
- Trekking – 14km (6-7 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 1700m-2050m-1600m

Day 6 – Breakfast (08:00-09:00)
After breakfast you will drive by minivan to Ughviri pass from where spectacular panoramic views are displayed. Later you will descend via foot-path to the village Adishi, where you will supper and relax.  Overnight in Adishi. 

Tour details:
- The way by minivan – 10km (30 minutes)
- Trekking – 7km (3-4 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2480m-2030m 

Day 7 - Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
After breakfast you will go along the path towards village Iprali. On the way, you will see and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of Adishi glacier and surroundings. You will meet a minivan in the village Iprali, which will transfer you to the Ushguli community. You will have supper, rest and overnight in Ushguli.

Tour details:
- Trekking – 16km (6-7 hours)
- The way by minivan – 10km (30 minutes)
- Total altitude difference – 2030m-2722m-1800m 

Day 8 - Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
After breakfast you will visit Ushguli community. Village Chazhashi (which belongs to Ushguli community) is UNESCO world heritage site. In case of desire, you can visit the glacier of Georgia’s highest mountain Shkhara (5200m). In the evening we will celebrate the successful completion of the tour, where you will be able to taste traditional Svanetian dishes as well. Spending a night in Ushguli.

Tour details:
- Trekking – 12km (5-6 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2100m-2505m-2100m 

Day 9 Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
After breakfast, through Zagaro pass and Lower Svaneti, we will drive to Kutaisi city. On the way, you will visit marvelous Prometheus cave. After the dinner, the group will be driven to the Kutaisi airport.

Tour details:
- The way by minivan – 165km (3-4 hours) 
Note: We can do transfer also to Tbilisi and Batumi international Airport


4 Per 5 Per 6 Per 7 Per 8 Per 9 Per 10 Per
945 € 840 € 765 € 765 € 705 € 685 € 635 €


• Personal medicines 
• Water proof shoes
• Sandals or trainers
• Warm jacket and raincoat 
• Warm hat
• Sun hat
• Sunglasses 
• Sunscreen
• Personal hygiene items
• Backpack 
• transfer from and to the airport
• Travelling by minivan
• Baggage carrying by horse during the whole tour
• Guide service
• Eight overnights in tents or at the guest houses (in case of tents, all necessary equipments will be provided)
• Eight breakfasts
• Eight dinners
• Nine suppers 
• Two suppers at the restaurant
• First-aid medicines
• Prometheus cave entry fees