Tour Duration: 9 Days

Location: Georgia Samegrelo

Difficulty level:

For: Amateur Hikers

Equipment Hire
  • Gas stove Gas stove : Per person per day 2 Euro
  • Sleeping bag Sleeping bag : Per person per day 4 Euro
  • Gas 250 ml (for selling) Gas 250 ml (for selling) : Per person per day 8 Euro
  • Gas 500 ml (for sell) Gas 500 ml (for sell) : Per person per day 15 Euro
  • Trekking poles Trekking poles : Per person per day 3 Euro
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Tobavarchkhili lakes are loca ted, in the south of Egrisi mountain range, mountainous Samegrelo is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Georgia. Lakes are plunged in the massive of Rocky Mountains, at an altitude of 2500-2650m. During the tour, which is 45km in distance, guests will see the unique broad- leaved forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, waterfalls, will get to know nomadic shepherds’ lifestyle and wildlife which leave unforgettable impressions on visitors. The best period for traveling starts from mid-June and lasts until mid-September.


Day 1 – Meet at Kutaisi international airport and Transfer to the hotel at Kutaisi. (We can meet at Tbilisi international airport also)

Day 2 – After  breakfast, group of tourists will meet the guide and his/her assistant. Following the examination of hiking equipment, the group will drive to village Mukhuri (by minivan or minibus). On the way, tourists will stop by one of the most visited places in Georgia - Martvili (Gachedili) canyon.After the dinner, you will drive from village Mukhuri to the camping area by truck (due to poor road conditions, it takes 3-4 hours to cover 34km section of the road). On the road you will visit Shurubumu cave, Gunji waterfall and stunning gorge of Kobistskali River. In the evening we will meet local horse- breeders, set up a tent, set fire, have supper and relax. 
Tour details: 
- The way by truck – 32km (3 hours)
- Hiking – 1km (20 minutes)
- Total altitude difference - 150m-1900m 

Day 3 – Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
After breakfast the group, without luggage, will take the path to small Tobavarchkhili Lake. On the way guests will see the most beautiful panoramic views - mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows and amazing snow-capped passes. On the way, the group will stop to have a snack. The camp will be set up near the small Tobavarchkhili Lake, where travelers can swim, explore and enjoy the spectacular views of the lake surroundings. In the evening you will have a supper and a well-deserved rest.

Tour details:
- Hiking – 9km (4-6 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 1900m-2750m-2545m 

Day 4 - Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
After breakfast the group, without luggage, will take the path to big Tobavarchkhili Lake. On the way travelers will see picturesque rocky massif and pass, which connects small and big Tobavarchkhili Lakes. The camp will be set up close to big Tobavarchkhili Lake, where we will have a dinner, explore surroundings of the lake and watch the charming sunset. In the evening travelers will have a supper and needed relaxation. 

Tour details:
- Hiking – 4km (2-3 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2545m-2900m-2650m 

Day 5 - Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
This day will be dedicated to the full exploration of Tobavarchkhili environs. We will visit and enjoy astonishing views of Didghele, Kaliashi and Tsakatskali lakes. From this place, travelers can see widely renowned Svaneti Mountains, as well Europe’s highest peak – Elbrus. Rock climbing enthusiasts can climb Mount Chitagvala - 3225 m (B-2 level of difficulty). In the afternoon we will return to the camp, where we will have dinner and have free time to relax and have fun before supper.

Tour details:
- Hiking – 5km (3-5 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2650m-2800m-2500m-2650m

Day 6 – Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
After  breakfast, via striking path we will descend to the local nomadic shepherds’ dwellings. On the way, we will explore fascinating waterfall of Toba. In the afternoon local shepherds will host us with ecologically clean diary and extremely delicious Megrelian dishes – elarji, gebzhalia, ghomi with sulguni cheese, goat barbecue. The camp will be set up near shepherds’ dwellings, where we will set fire and have deserved supper. 

Tour details:
- Hiking – 5km (2-4 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2650m-2130m 

Day 7 - Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
After  breakfast, group of travelers will go along stunning gorge of Magana River, which is rich in endemic species of plants and mixed forests. We will spend the afternoon in the camp, near the confluence of Magana and Jalara rivers. Here we set up tents, set fire, have supper and relax.

Tour details:
- Hiking – 9km (4-5 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 2130m-1000m 

Day 8 - Breakfast (07:00-08:00)
After  breakfast, travelers will head to summer pastures, called” Kirnakhona”. From here travelers can witness, incredibly beautiful lowland of ancient and legendary Colchis. Here, we will have a dinner and later we will descend to the village Skuri by truck, where we will meet the minivan and drive to the coastal city, prominent for electronic music festivals – Anaklia. Travelers will have supper in Anaklia and later will go to the beach. Overnight  in a guesthouse at Anaklia. 

Tour details:
- Hiking – 11km (4-6 hours)
- Total altitude difference – 1000m-1250m-1750m
- The way by truck – 18km (an hour)
- The way by minivan – 65km (1hr 30min) 

Day 9 - Breakfast (09:00-10:00)
The group will depart to Kutaisi by minivan or minibus. Guests will visit UNESCO world heritage cultural sites: Gelati monastery and Bagrati cathedral. After the dinner, travelers will see marvelous Prometheus caves, which is about 30 minutes drive from Kutaisi. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner and transfer to the airport.

Tour details:
- The way by minivan – 190km (3 hours) 


4 Per 5 Per 6 Per 7 Per 8 Per 9 Per 10 Per
955 € 895€ 855 € 855 € 830 € 830 € 785 €


• Personal medicines 
• Water proof shoes
• Sandals or trainers
• Warm jacket and raincoat 
• Warm hat
• Sun hat
• Sunglasses 
• Sunscreen
• Personal hygiene items
• Backpack 
• Transfer from and to the airport
• Travelling by minivan
• Baggage carrying by horses during the whole tour
• Guide & assistant service
• 7nights in tents (all necessary equipments are provided) 
• One night in Kutaisi at the hotel
• One night in Anaklia at the guesthouse
• Eight breakfasts
• Eight dinners
• Six suppers
• One supper with shepherds
• One supper at the restaurant
• First-aid medicines
• Entry fees for Martvili (Gachedili) canyon and Prometheus cave