MT. USHBA 4690M. AND 4710M.
mount ushba

Tour Duration: 12 Days

Location: Georgia, Svaneti region

Difficulty level:

For: Climbers with experience

Equipment Hire
  • Gas stove Gas stove : Per person per day 2 Euro
  • Sleeping bag Sleeping bag : Per person per day 4 Euro
  • Gas 250 ml (for selling) Gas 250 ml (for selling) : Per person per day 8 Euro
  • Gas 500 ml (for sell) Gas 500 ml (for sell) : Per person per day 15 Euro
  • Trekking poles Trekking poles : Per person per day 3 Euro
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Mount Ushba Location

Ushba is one of the most notable peaks of the Caucasus Mountains. It is located in the Svaneti region in
Georgia. It is centran Caucasus part. Ushba is surrounded with Peak Shurovski , Chatini, Shkhelda, Samll Ushba and peak Mazeri mountains.  

Mount Ushba altitude

Ushba is spire-shapes double summit. It has the south and north peaks. The south peak of Ushba is 4710 meter and  the north  Ushba summit is 4690 meter. Ushba Slopes are covered with glacier. 

Mount Ushba facts

The north summit was first climbed in 1888 by English climbers and the south was first
climbed in 1903. Before that about 20 ascents were unsuccessful tried. The First soviet ascent was made in
1934, led by Alexander Japaridze. 

Ushba climbing routes 

Ushba has more than 50 different climbing routes.
As a classic route is treated  at North Ushba  northen route via Ushba plato and pillow and at South summit route named Gabrieli.

We offer you Northen Ushba classic route with is terated easiest at this mountain  4B grade. All other riutes are 5 and 6 grades. 

Mount Ushba weather

As in other mountains of the Caucasus, the weather can change several times a day, which often makes it difficult to climb mountain Ushba. Temperatures on the peak in July and August in range from -10 to -15

Best season for mount Ushba

wery often people ask when is the better to climb Ushba. As a best season is treated From seacond part of July till 20 of August. It is possible climb Ushba after 20 of August  alomoust untill end of September but it depend on season and snow condition for the year. If there is already a litttle snow it makes more difficuld to cross glacier and climbe last part of Ushba




Day 1 – Meet at the airport and transfer to the hotel*** (Tbilisi Center, 10 min walking till downtown).  (- / - / -)
Day 2 –  Tbilisi - Becho (Svaneti region) 
Meet at 8:00 am in Tbiisi  and drive to Svaneti direction in the village Becho. The way is 480 km and takes about 8 hour. 
Nihgt in Becho in Guest house.
(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 3 - Track to Camp 1 (Hunter's) (2800 m.). Night in tents. Walking about 5 - 6 hours  (Breakfast / Lunch-box / Dinner)
Day 4 – Track to Camp 2 (4000 m.). This day we will walk and climb galacier and will come to Ushba Plato. Night in tents. Walking about 5 - 6 hours. walking about 5 - 6 hour. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 5 -Track to Camp 3 (4250 m.). This day we will walk and climb galacier and will come to place named Ushba pillow. Night in tents. Walking about 3 - 4 hours (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 6 - Free acclimatization day. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 7 - Camp 3 (Ushba pillow) - Ushba Summit 4690m. - Camp 3 or Camp 2. Total time for climb Ushba mountain tilll top and back from camp 3 (Ushba pillow) is about 10-12 hour. (Breakfast / Lunch-box / Dinner)
Day 8 -Track to Camp 1 (2800 m.). Night in tents. (Breakfast / Lunch-box / Dinner)
Day 9 - Camp 1 - Village (Breakfast / Lunch-box / Dinner)
Day 10 - Reserve day in case of bad weather. (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 11 - Becho - Tbilisi (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
Day 12 - Transfer to the Airport. (Breakfast / - / -)


1 Per 2 Per 3 Per
4360 € 2270 € 1850 €




• Transfer from airport to airport. 
• All transportation during the tour. Transfer: Tbilisi - Svaneti -Tbilisi
• 2 nights Hotel In Tbilisi
• 2 Nights in Becho
• All Nights in Tents in the mountain 
• Horses for luggage from village to camp 1. (Horses will take all products and general equipment like ropes, pitons etc.) 
• English speaking IFMGA or GMGA mountain guides for the whole tour. 
• General Equipment (Rope, Ice and rock piton etc.)



- We can organize any personal variant for the Mt. Ushba program at group’s request for individual program.

Guides’ equipment include: climbing equipment, GPS navigation, 2 way radio, mobile phone, satellite phone, first aid kit for the mountains)


Personal Climbing Equipment: 
• Ice axe 
• Crampons 
• Harness 
• Tape Slings (2) 
• Karabiners (2 lock) 
• Descender 
• Mountaineering Boots 
• Ascender 
• Helmet


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