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What additional  services you (...)
What additional  services you can get on Mt Kazbek

Meals in the base camp ( Bethlemi hut) Meals are very important for your health during the expedition. We mean eating three times a day: breakfast, (...)

What equipment and dress we ne (...)
What equipment and dress we need to climb Mt. Kazbek

    To climb any peak, One of the most important considerations is to choose the right clothes and equipment as well as boots and a (...)

Acclimatization, preparation a (...)
Acclimatization, preparation and the day of the peak

   Preparation for the peak involves: one day for acclimatization, training on the ice or snow, how to move with the help of a rope, moving (...)

Getting ready for the expediti (...)
Getting ready for the expedition to Mt. Kazbek

     Have you already decided to conquer the peak? Now you must decide which season is the best for it and what is necessary to (...)

Caucasus mountain range, 5000m (...)
Caucasus mountain range, 5000m peaks and Mt. Kazbek

Do you know which is the most beautiful peak of the Caucasus mountain range? It is Mt. Kazbek. Because of its magnificence local people call it (...)

Different Ways to Climb Mt.Kaz (...)
Different Ways to Climb Mt.Kazbek

Mt. Kazbek attracts experienced alpinists as well as amateurs and walkers. If you have an experienced guide it is absolutely possible to climb the peak even (...)