Equipment Hire
  • Gas stove Gas stove: Per person per day 2 Euro
  • Sleeping bag Sleeping bag: Per person per day 4 Euro
  • Gas 250 ml (for selling) Gas 250 ml (for selling): Per person per day 8 Euro
  • Gas 500 ml (for sell) Gas 500 ml (for sell): Per person per day 15 Euro
  • Trekking poles Trekking poles: Per person per day 3 Euro
Additional Offers

We can Also offer you Other kind of tours through the whole Georgia

  • Rafting
  • Mount biking
  • Trekking
  • Horse Riding tours
  • cultural tours
  • Wine tours
  • Ski tours (also on mountain Kazbek)




After doing two very different mountain tours with Climbing Georgia I can definately recommend them to anyone! And also visiting the fantastic countryof Georgia. We have experienced one mountaineering tour to Kazbek, where the complete group of eight persons also reached the summit. Fantastic scenery, proffesionalism and great ambiance with the guides. This winter I was part of another group making a customized Ski-tour/Off-pist week around Gudauri. Also a great week with perfect match of our expectations; a lot of adventure and long off-pist runs! Also one day heli-ski was arranged on our request. Important for us was also the guides commitment and awareness of safety (avalanches etc.). The tours have been very well planned by George and Shota, and together with them and Tato we have had a great time on the mountains! Anders, Sweden



Just finished climbing Kazbek last week and felt that I needed to give my feedback of the whole climb. Shota guided me up the summit and down safely. We had a blast in doing it and making friends along the way. The trek started with just the 2 of us but when we came to stay at the basecamp for a couple of days, our numbers grew and it felt like we made a family. The 2 of us, along with a team of 2 Bulgarians, and another team of Polish climbers climbed the summit together (he asked them to join us because they did not hire guides). So you could see how accommodating and caring Shota is towards others including those that are not member of his team. Having experienced Shota's generosity and kindness myself, I would definitely recommend ClimbingGeorgia's team of guides for those planning to climb in Georgia and I'm hoping to be back there in the very near future. Thanks, Shota and George and more power! (PS good luck in climbing in Poland) :D



Having participated in a climbing tour to Kazbek I cannot but express my deep gratitude for an extremely pleasant and exciting experience, striking and profound sense of professionalism!!! Warm and wholehearted hospitality, generosity and friendliness pervading the whole tour from the moment of the first handshake right up the moment of good-bye; guides Shota and George were always ready to help with all sorts of issues regardless of their nature. Patient and very good at explaining the do's and dont's of climbing I learned a lot during the few days of the tours. Very well organized and perfectly executed tour, and as chance would have it fantastic weather conditions made for an unforgetable experience and grand view of the Caucasus atop one of the higher peaks! Very grateful for this experience and hope to see you guys again! All the very best wishes, Alexander, Sweden



Kazbek - summited 2016-09-07. I really loved the group and the guides. First day was really hard as my clothes were not right for the weather. Cold and soaked I was ready to give up, but the guides made a really good effort to motivate me to go on :D I am really thankful for that. Everything else after that was just great! Beautiful weather, stunning views and a great time. Unforgetable experience. Do not be afraid to go here alone. Everyone becomes friends on the mountain and the guides are really friendly and professional. I would love to do another trip with these guys



WE where 3 men group to climb Mount Kazbek. OUr giude Tato collected us in Tbilisi and delivered back to Tbilisi after successful trip to the summit. The service is great. Trip planning was good and everything prepared well. Tato is a great and cheerful guy with a lot of attention to details and safe trip. We definitely recommend this company giuding services.



Great people, great organization and lots of fun. That is what we had (a group of 18), trekking from Omalo to Shatili and the ongoing one day walks. Logistics were great considering the tents we slept in on the mountains, horses carrying our packs, food and obviously - Georgian wine. Thks for a great time!



I am a professional mountain guide for Everest and Himalaya and all over the world. I led a small group of friends to Kazbek in August 2016 and contacted George and Shota to provide us with all the logistics support. From the very beginning we had a tremendous rapport and they both proved to be thoroughly capable and professional. Everything was organized perfectly. I and my group were very happy and satisfied with the support we got. I work with many local agencies around the world and Climbing Georgia is certainly among the best I have worked with. Big thanks to you and your wonderful team. The food at BC was superb. All the best my friends



I highly recommend these guys for a summit of Kazbek - friendly, professional, etc... We were four guys from Warsaw successfully making it to the top in July 2016. We'll likely use the same service for a planned ski mountaineering trip to Svaneti. All the best!